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Magecart Digital Skimming

Magecart is a hacker group that specialise in digital skimming attacks. Digital skimming is a type of attack where threat actors insert malicious code into the systems on e-commerce websites responsible for handling payment information, with the aim of stealing credit or debit card information. Magecart has been responsible for the data breaches of over[…]

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Microsoft Safe Links

Safe Links is one of Microsoft Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection features to protect users from malicious URLs. It works by re-writing URLs received in emails so that, when clicked, you will first be taken to a Microsoft domain where the URL is verified for authenticity, reputation and malicious content. If the link passes the[…]

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Cyber Security expectations for 2019

Over the past year, we have seen a number of Cyber Security breaches that have affected small, medium and large businesses. Companies such as Facebook, Equifax, various Universities, Reddit and British Airways all had their data stolen. On a positive front, we have seen a steady increase in the utilisation of Cyber Essentials since 2016.[…]