Our top 10 cyber tips

As cyber threats are ever increasing in complexity, intensity and frequency, we have compiled below our top 10 tips that every business can follow to help improve your cyber resilience. Passwords should be different for each account in order to avoid one cracked password compromising all accounts. Consider using a password management programme such as[…]

Cyber Monthly Package

Invest in your cyber security with our brand new monthly packages

As a busy business owner, IT systems, and cyber security are not at the top of your agenda. However, you will be aware that cyber security is important. If you are from outside the tech sector, or your skills are stronger in other areas, tackling such a project can be daunting. It’s likely you are[…]

NSCS Urges UK Organisations To Bolster Security

As the ever-looming potential of conflict in the east of Europe intensifies and shows no signs of slowing down the UK government has issued a stark warning to businesses regarding the increased risk of cyber-attacks from Russian and Belarusian cyber attackers. Recently within the last week it had been noted by Ukraine’s Government Cyber Defence team that[…]

Social Engineering

Protect Your Details On Social Media

Social Engineering is becoming far more prevalent in recent years. The attacker can target a large number of individuals for a generic offer or a smaller subset of individuals with a very specific approach tailored on a per-person basis. The key difference between technical exploitation and social engineering is that, besides training, it is difficult[…]

cashback scams

Cashback Scams

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday going live this week we thought it would be useful to advise on the cashback prompts on various e-commerce websites such as Moonpig. Reported to have started earlier this year, various e-commerce websites have been troubling users with cashback offer popups during their shopping process. An example can be seen below:  Many[…]