IP Switchover

IP Switchover

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is being switched off in 2025. What does this IP switchover mean for you? At the end of 2025 the traditional telephone network, which includes fixed lines and services in the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) will be switched off. This is because Openreach is looking to move to[…]


REvil Hackers

The hacking group REvil behind the “colossal” ransomware attack have now demanded over £50m to be paid in Bitcoin in return for their systems to be unlocked for all victims affected.   Although unverified, the group claims that after targeting the US IT firm Kaseya a few days ago, they have also attacked one million other systems as[…]



As gaming becomes an increasingly popular entertainment medium that influences many people and popular culture it is no surprise that hackers are finding ways to profit from this. Cyber criminals have said to have profited around £1.4m so far from Crackonosh Hackers are now able to insert code into existing games that they advertise to[…]


PDF Vulnerabilities

PDF’s are used daily by most businesses for multiple reasons. Throughout the pandemic however they have become increasingly popular to send and sign agreements digitally. A new report however has found a security vulnerability in most certified PDF application that can leave businesses exposed to attack. Researchers explained certified PDFs use two specific signatures to[…]


EA Hacked

Electronic Arts (EA) have fallen victim to a cyber attack where they have had valuable information stolen. The large games publisher are one of the biggest in the industry creating  some of the largest games franchises such as The Sims, Titanfall, Star Wars Battlefield and FIFA which are respectively played y million around the world.[…]


2021 Cyber Predictions

With 2021 fast approaching, cyber security has been a growing concern throughout 2020, and has been a priority throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic for businesses adapting to home working. What does the cyber security landscape look like for the year ahead? What are the main risks and considerations for businesses? Below are a few predictions. COVID-19[…]