Covid Vaccine Scams

Police have warned of fraudsters and scammers sending fake text messages offering a COVID-19 vaccine. This is an attempt to steal personal and financial information. These texts include a link to a very well put together phishing page that looks very convincingly like an NHS website page. On this page people are prompted to input[…]


Attack Library: Phishing Attacks

This week the Attack Library mini-series will focus phishing e-mails, a social engineering attack that many people encounter on a day to day basis. This blog will detail what common phishing e-mails contain, and how to deal with this form of attack. Phishing attacks are used to obtain information such as usernames, passwords, credit card[…]

Digital Skimming graphic

Magecart Digital Skimming

Magecart is a hacker group that specialise in digital skimming attacks. Digital skimming is a type of attack where threat actors insert malicious code into the systems on e-commerce websites responsible for handling payment information, with the aim of stealing credit or debit card information. Magecart has been responsible for the data breaches of over[…]

Microsoft logo

Microsoft Safe Links

Safe Links is one of Microsoft Office 365’s Advanced Threat Protection features to protect users from malicious URLs. It works by re-writing URLs received in emails so that, when clicked, you will first be taken to a Microsoft domain where the URL is verified for authenticity, reputation and malicious content. If the link passes the[…]