November 12, 2020

Code Review

The Cybx team's expert penetration testers, analysts and software engineers are here to review your code to ensure security, efficiency and reliability as a service. Our penetration testing services focus on finding vulnerabilities when the system is already live with no prior information, while this is extremely useful, our service allows you to have the highest levels of assurance before launching your software application. The Cybx team are able to review your source code where we will identify dangerous code practices and vulnerabilities in your software. We can also recommend  changes in your code for improved efficiency and reliability. After each code review you will receive a comprehensive report from the team of issues found and remediation's.

The Value of our service

Our Code Review service helps software engineers and project managers in your business who want to ensure security of their application from the beginning along with efficient best coding practices. The Cybx team do this by reviewing your source code for bad practices, vulnerabilities and inefficiencies, we then provide a report with detailed recommendations. Unlike internal reviews, we are able to review without bias so you can provide your customer with piece of mind that the software has been tested throughout development by an independent company for vulnerabilities.

The benefits to your business

  • Improved security
  • Improved reliability
  • Increased software development efficiency
  • Replace poor coding practice by reinforcing best practice
Code Review
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