March 11, 2020

Secure Network Design

Secure Network Design and Implementation is critical to ensure that your business has outstanding up-time, while ensuring resilience against security threats.

Our experienced, CCNA qualified networking team work closely with our security analysts and penetration testers to scope and deliver full and thorough network design and implementation, with reinforced security from based on expertise in the Cyber Security field.

Your network is the headquarters of your business. All of your data, your employees, and your productivity relies on the uptime and security of this network.

If you are concerned about the security or performance of your network, contact our team to start an initial discussion on how we can assist you.


Benefits Secure Network Design will bring to your Company

  • Can help your organisation stay compliant with various business and government regulations
  • Clients and staff members will have confidence that their personal/sensitive information is secure
  • Secure network design reduces the risk of malicious attacks (i.e. ransom-ware, DDOS) reducing the money spent on remediating these issues
  • Enables a more modern workforce, for example, implementing VPN's which allow employees to work remotely. This could also help the business grow if office space is not currently available
  • Can enable transition to a cloud enviroment
  • Can enable staff to work remotely



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