Cyber Consultancy

The CYBX team is experienced at providing cyber consultancy services against a variety of standards. We typically work with Cyber Essentials, IASME & GDPR, and also have the capability to conduct our own assessments of your infrastructure, physical security and IT processes. Our experts will strive to deliver an exceptional level of support and guidance while working with you. The CYBX team will work with your in house IT team or Managed Services Partner to ensure that you are getting the best from all of your technology partners.

Cyber Essentials is a certification that will protect your business against the most common cyber security threats. This certification will ensure you are more cyber secure. The logo can be displayed on your website, to show your customers that you take the security and privacy of their data seriously.

Our expert consultants have helped a range of businesses achieve Cyber Essentials. We will guide you through the whole process to make achieving this certification as easy as possible.

With the IASME Governance package you will be able to achieve certification to the IASME standard. This includes:

  • IASME Governance – Analysing your business policies, processes and procedures
  • Cyber Essentials – To review your security controls and ensure that your systems are patched and protected adequately
  • GDPR – To ensure that you have the correct processes in place to deal with customer privacy concerns

With this package of services, we will help you achieve the IASME Governance Standard. Our team will take you through the entire assessment, step-by-step, and provide recommendations and policies where necessary. The CYBX team will also liaise with your IT provider to collect any necessary information for your assessment.

What is an IT Security Health Check?

The CYBX team will visit your premises and assess your digital infrastructure, policies, procedures and physical security to make a valuable and comprehensive judgement of your cyber resilience.

After your initial assessment, our team will then:

  • Produce a report, specific to the findings during the meeting, to help you identify which software, hardware or processes need improvement
  • Give you time to review your recommendations and further advise you on how to best achieve the guidance provided
  • Document and categorise specific needs for your business, with consideration for future growth

Why should we do this?

The assessment provides valuable information that is useful for internal use for business improvement and your IT and technology partners.

After you have actioned the recommendations in the IT Health Check, your business will be more cyber resilient. Your people will be more cyber savvy, and more switched on to the latest cyber threats and cyber risks. Your policies and procedures will be much more security focussed.

Let your Customers know you have had an IT Health Check – it should be a positive selling point for you.

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