August 3, 2020

Partner With CYBX

Why partner with Cybx?

Are you a managed service provider (MSP) who wants to offer specialist cyber security services to your customer?

Keeping your customers infrastructure and data security will be at the top of your priorities along with fulfilling their needs when they ask. Add peace of mind to your customers by offering cyber security services that will let them know you take their business and security seriously.

Are you a software or web development business who wants to add penetration testing into your development lifecycle?

Ensuring your product or service is as secure as possible when delivered is a great way to have a delighted customer who will certainly be glad they chose to bring their business to you.

How does partnering with CYBX work?

When you partner with CYBX we will be able to carry out our services that maybe your team does not have the capability or resource to do. You will be able to offer our services to your customer as part of your pre agreed business with them or a value add as part of your offering. Whether that be, offer a yearly penetration test to a loyal customer who wants to ensure they are cyber secure, or Including a penetration test as part of developing your website or software for a customer.



We are in the business of solving your technology and telecoms problems and saving you money, time and hassle whilst we're at it.

We don’t do technical jargon and we don’t take ourselves too seriously.  But when it comes to unified communications, connectivity, IT support, print and document management services, we are deadly serious.

Spire tech

Spire Tech Group - IT Support Specialists

Internet Connectivity, IT Services, Telecommunication Systems, and Business Mobile Plans:
No matter what business technology you require, we’ve got you covered. At Spire, we pride ourselves on understanding where a business aspires to be and finding the solutions and services needed to get there. For us, it starts with listening and establishing your core requirements and it expands from there. The flexibility and capabilities of stable workplace technology coupled with our knowledge, expertise, and products can create a long-term technology strategy for your business.



Whether you need help harvesting digital evidence for a commercial, criminal or corporate investigation, our unrivalled experience and expertise across a range of digital forensic services will give you the confidence and advantage you need. Covering all aspects of computer forensics, mobile phone forensics and cell site analysis to expert witness provision and presentation. Our powerful team of industry-leading expert analysts will support you with your litigation and dispute resolution or complex criminal case.



Vantage 365 is a specialist consultancy that helps businesses of all sizes get the most from their investment in Microsoft 365’s powerful suite of business tools and productivity apps. We’re on a mission to help all our clients realise their true potential by optimising their technology, capabilities and performance. Our expert team of Microsoft 365 consultants has years of experience in creating bespoke solutions and strategies to futureproof client businesses and help them thrive.