June 26, 2023

API Application Penetration Test

Modern web and mobile applications exchange high volumes of critical data, e.g., medical records, personal identification, and bank records, which can attract hackers’ attention. Insecure APIs are easy to access for hackers, so a secured and tested API should be used to avoid exposing sensitive information. 

API Penetration testing involves checking for vulnerabilities and building robust endpoints in your APIs. One of the most common web application threats is API abuse, which can cause hindrances to the smooth running of any digital industry. Data leakage, unauthorised access, and parameter tampering can arise with any deployed APIs if they do not undergo comprehensive security testing. 

Steps API Application Penetration Testing

This API Penetration Test contains a mix of advanced manual testing techniques and automated scans to simulate real-world attacks to identify risks within your web applications. 

The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) highlights the top 10 (ten) threats affecting APIs, of which include: 

  • Authentication 
  • Authorisation 
  • Session Management 
  • Input Validation and Sanitisation 
  • Server Configuration
  • Encryption
  • Information Leakage
  • Application Workflow
  • Application Logic 

 “Broken Authentication is the second most frequent issues with API applications in 2023. – OWASP API Security Project 

Qualified Security Experts

Our penetration testers are independently qualified by the
industry-recognised body CREST.


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