Covid Vaccine Scams

Police have warned of fraudsters and scammers sending fake text messages offering a COVID-19 vaccine. This is an attempt to steal personal and financial information. These texts include a link to a very well put together phishing page that looks very convincingly like an NHS website page. On this page people are prompted to input[…]


Critical Android Bugs

Google’s January Android Security bulletin has addressed 43  critical software bugs that have been affecting Android handsets including big brands such as Samsung. Within the 43 bugs, Google has fixed 2 critical bugs that affected all android devices. These critical bugs allowed remote hackers to execute arbitrary code. Among these critical flaws included a remote[…]


SolarWinds Hacked

The US Treasury and Commerce issued a warning to employees to disconnect from SolarWinds Orion products. Major software provider SolarWinds confirmed themselves that they had been targeted by a highly sophisticated cyber-attack. This has led to US companies and government networks being infected. The manual attack is believed to have been conducted by an outside nation[…]


Subway Hacked

A few weeks ago, customers of one the UK’s top fast-food brands, Subway, took to social media to complain about suspicious emails they have been receiving from them. Users have stated they have received an email from the fast-food chain which claims to be an order confirmation email. Links within these emails have been reported[…]


HMRC issue warning for increase in scams leading up to Christmas

HMRC have issued a warning after an increase in scams and fraud attempts have been reported leading up to Christmas this year. The concerns have arisen due to online scams prompting an increasing number of victims to raise their voices on social media after being ripped off or almost losing their hard-earned cash. Some common[…]

Deleted Data

Deleted Data Recovery

A cyber security research company discovered approximately 75,000 deleted data files after buying only 100 USB drives on an internet auction site. Some of the USB drives contained deleted data files including passwords and images with embedded location data. Other deleted data that was found included contracts and bank statements. These files could be exploited[…]

Covid Fraud Hotline

Covid Fraud Hotline

A vast array of support schemes have been introduced to help individuals and businesses struggling financially during these uncertain times. Unfortunately, individuals have been abusing the schemes causing an increase in fraudulent activity such as cybersecurity scams where fraudsters and hackers take advantage of the pandemic. This has resulted in a new Covid Fraud Hotline[…]