Cyber Awareness Training

As the threat of cyber-crime increases day by day, businesses become ever more vulnerable to cyber-criminals operating all over the world. Smaller organisations are more at risk as they become the primary target for cyber-criminals, with a reported 50% rise in attacks in the last 12 months.

You or a colleague should attend this CPD certified security awareness training course, which is an interactive workshop designed to help you take the essential steps in protecting your business.

This half day workshop will cover:

  • Safe ways of working and communicating with others
  • An opportunity to improve your team's cyber-hygiene
  • Learn new skills and tactics, and share best practices with others
  • Awareness training on new threats and tactics used by hackers
  • Reminder of existing and current threats
  • Overall your business will be more cyber resilient.

Pricing for one business (up to 6 delegates) is typically £375 Ex VAT. The training course is run regularly in MHSP, in Malvern, Worcestershire. However, if you have 6 or more delegates, we will be able to travel to your company to carry out the training. Please use the quote form below so that we can arrange a package cost.

"Very practical advice suitable for SME's, charities, large businesses. Good time length. Left with good actions to take away"

"Great content, very useful information. Information on how to securely handle sensitive information and how to protect yourself and your business from data risks."

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