Cyber Awareness Training

Our security awareness training course, an interactive Webinar, is designed to help you take the essential steps in protecting your business whilst working from home.
Sadly, cyber criminals are already taking advantage of businesses with vulnerable staff members working from home.

This 3 hour Cyber Awareness Training Webinar will cover:

  • Safe ways of working and communicating with others
  • An opportunity to improve your team's cyber-hygiene
  • Learn new skills and tactics, and share best practices with others
  • Awareness training on new threats and tactics used by hackers
  • Essential reminder of existing and current threats

Make your business more cyber resilient.

Once signed up we will send you a calendar invite to your email including a link to join via teams on the day.  To ensure the best possible experience for all, this course will run with a minimum of 3 people & maximum of 6.

(We reserve the right to reschedule in the unlikely event of minimum numbers not being reached.)

"Very practical advice suitable for SME's, charities, large businesses. Good time length. Left with good actions to take away"

"Great content, very useful information. Information on how to securely handle sensitive information and how to protect yourself and your business from data risks."


How long does the Training last for?

The training lasts for approximately 3 hours.

Is the training COVID-19 Secure?

The training has now been fully moved online due to the pandemic, therefore it is fully secure.

How do i join the training on the day?

You will be sent a link to a teams call prior to your training.

What roles in my company are best to attend the training?

We feel that managerial roles are best to attend the training so they can then flow the training down to their teams afterwards. In terms of specific roles who might be at most risk to cyber-attacks we recommend sending your CFO and Accountancy team first.

Do I need any prior knowledge on Cyber Security to attend the training?

Absolutely not, the training is designed to teach you the basics from the ground up so you come away with the knowledge to start to help protect your business from cyber-attacks.