March 11, 2020

Phishing Campaign

A phishing campaign is a targeted email attack against your employees to find weaknesses in staff awareness. Focusing on the human aspect of security, our team tailor a attack against your employees to fool them into clicking a link, entering their credentials or opening an attachment.

Phishing is when attackers attempt to trick users into doing 'the wrong thing', such as clicking a bad link that will download malware, or direct them to a dodgy website. Phishing can be conducted via a text message, social media, or by phone, but the term 'phishing' is mainly used to describe attacks that arrive by email.

The Value of Phishing campaigns

Our Phishing Campaigns help Network Managers and Chief Information Security officers who want to identify weaknesses in IT security and staff awareness. The CYBX team do this by simulating generic to sophisticated phishing campaign to deceive employees. This improves staff awareness of security in turn mitigating loss of data or money. Our campaigns provide a realistic engagement that is typical of a normal attack. This allows you to not fully rely on your technology or third party providers software and help to not rely on using common sense to reduce risk. After a campaign the team will document the captured information detailing who was affected to improve staff awareness and the overall security posture of your organisation.

Benefits to your company

After our team have successfully finished a phishing campaign, a report and user guide will supplied. This will allow you to feedback any postential concens to achieve the below benefits:

  • Make it difficult for attackers to reach your employees
  • Help employees identify and report suspected phishing emails
  • Protect your company from the effects of undetected phishing emails

“Did you know that 91% of successful data breaches started with a spear phishing attack?” KnowBe4 2023

Work directly with our experienced security testers to regularly test your
employees’ susceptibility against phishing attacks through simulated campaigns.


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