June 26, 2023

Wireless Penetration Test

Attacks against wireless networks have posed, and continue to pose, a significant risk to businesses across the globe. From wardriving to general disruption, attackers have an enormous collection of toolsets to break into wireless networks to perform Man in the Middle (MitM) attacks or impersonate users on your network to socially engineer employees.  

Our Penetration testing team will conduct wireless penetration test engagements for businesses to support them in detecting and exploiting vulnerabilities of their wireless network and identify remediation steps to be taken in the form of a report.  

Steps For Wireless Penetration Testing

Our testers use the latest industry-standard engagement tools, including the Aircrack-ng suite, Reaver, Router Sploit, Hashcat and. With a keen approach to attention to detail, uncovering and further identifying weaknesses, our security analysts identify and exploit the same attack vectors a typical malicious actor would take to compromise a network to provide a realistic representation of your wireless security.  

Common vulnerabilities our security testers identify during a wireless security test include:  

  • Default or weak credentials   
  • Network misconfiguration (e.g., externally facing services)   
  • Usage of insecure encryption standards   
  • Staff – We create malicious Wireless Access Points to determine staff susceptibility   
  • WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) security weaknesses  
  • Internal (business) and Guest network communication   
  • Identification of personal devices used throughout the network 

Following an engagement, our team will document all the findings and produce an easily digestible penetration test report, including which attack vectors were exploited, along with any necessary remediation guidance to prevent exploitation in future.

Qualified Security Experts

Our penetration testers are independently qualified by the
industry-recognised body CREST.


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