WisePay Hacked

Between the 2nd and 5th October, parents who were topping up their child’s prepaid lunch card via WisePay have been warned their card details have been compromised. Parents of approximately 300 schools in the UK have been affected by this scam. Wise pay stated that only a small number of parents would have made payments[…]


Twitter Upping Security

Twitter has recently announced that they have automatically activated extra account protection for US politicians and key persons in the upcoming US election. Twitter are prompting key individuals to make immediate changes to their account security after one of the most prolific hacks of social networks happened to twitter in June. The hack in June[…]


Breaches at scale – a look into BlueLeaks and protecting your data

Data breaches have always been an understandably worrying topic for most. The fear of having your information; your name, address, contact information or even credit card information is one of the largest concerns when considering digital security. In most recent events, nearly 270 gigabytes of data have been leaked and published in the latest release[…]

Insider Threat

Insider Threat

Insider threat has been a long-standing concern amongst business, and there are important considerations from both an operational and a security perspective to manage, mitigate and respond to risk appropriately. This is not strictly limited to the employees currently in the business, but also those who have previously left. Insider threat is designed by any[…]

Mobile Application Security

Mobile Application Security

Mobile Application security focuses on assessing the security posture of applications on various mobile device platforms (i.e. Android, iOS and Windows). Mobile applications are being utilised by businesses across the globe to organise workforces, improve customer service, increase revenue, and connect with users from around the world. Like computers and websites, mobile applications have their[…]