REvil Hackers

The hacking group REvil behind the “colossal” ransomware attack have now demanded over £50m to be paid in Bitcoin in return for their systems to be unlocked for all victims affected.   Although unverified, the group claims that after targeting the US IT firm Kaseya a few days ago, they have also attacked one million other systems as[…]



As gaming becomes an increasingly popular entertainment medium that influences many people and popular culture it is no surprise that hackers are finding ways to profit from this. Cyber criminals have said to have profited around £1.4m so far from Crackonosh Hackers are now able to insert code into existing games that they advertise to[…]


PDF Vulnerabilities

PDF’s are used daily by most businesses for multiple reasons. Throughout the pandemic however they have become increasingly popular to send and sign agreements digitally. A new report however has found a security vulnerability in most certified PDF application that can leave businesses exposed to attack. Researchers explained certified PDFs use two specific signatures to[…]


reCAPTCHA phishing attack

A large scale phishing attack campaign has been utilising a fake Google reCAPTCHA system to attempt to steal Microsoft 365 credentials. Google reCAPTCHA is one of their services designed to help protect websites from bots that spam and try to gain information. The system uses a Turing test to tell if the person is human[…]


Sandworm Linked To Cyber Attacks

French cybersecurity agency ANSSI have recently found links to a Russian hacking group called Sandworm that has breached several French entities including a software firm whose clients include the French Ministry of Justice, and Airbus. The French company Centreon has been attacked by hackers who are linked to the Russian military intelligence agency GRU. Like[…]

CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt Red Hacked

Popular video game developer company CD Projekt Red has announced that they have fallen victim to a very serious ransomware attack. CD Projekt Red are a very well respected Polish game development company who have recently released one of the most anticipated games of the last decade; Cyberpunk 2077. The company have also developed the[…]

tik tok

Tik Tok Bug

Last week a now patched security bug was found in the popular social media platform Tik Tok. This bug could have enabled hackers to build a database of users and their associated phone numbers. This flaw only affected users who linked their mobile phone number with their Tik Tok account or if they logged in[…]


Job Scams

Job scams have seen a 300% rise in the last two years according to ActionFraud. This has resulted in over 700,000 jobseekers losing upwards of £500,000 through these scams. These job scams are being carried out by scammers creating fake job advertisements and web pages where they aim to steal personal information and money. Unfortunately,[…]


Critical Android Bugs

Google’s January Android Security bulletin has addressed 43  critical software bugs that have been affecting Android handsets including big brands such as Samsung. Within the 43 bugs, Google has fixed 2 critical bugs that affected all android devices. These critical bugs allowed remote hackers to execute arbitrary code. Among these critical flaws included a remote[…]