smart watch

Introducing the Smart-Jacket

With smartwatches becoming increasingly common in today’s world, Google have teamed up with Levi to bring the latest in wearable tech. The Jacquard commuter smart-jacket is the next revolution in hands free technology and designed for every-day commuters. The smart-jacket features an interactive sleeve on the left side of the jacket, controlled by a small[…]

cyber-security 2019

Cyber Security expectations for 2019

Over the past year, we have seen a number of Cyber Security breaches that have affected small, medium and large businesses. Companies such as Facebook, Equifax, various Universities, Reddit and British Airways all had their data stolen. On a positive front, we have seen a steady increase in the utilisation of Cyber Essentials since 2016.[…]

Pen Test

The purpose of penetration testing

Penetration testing is the method of simulating a real-world cyber-attack on either infrastructure, an application or sometimes even on your staff. This test is strongly advised, even compulsory in some cases, as part of many security-related standards such as PCI-DSS or ISO27001. The main objective of a penetration test is to gain assurance that your[…]


The importance of HTTPS in web applications

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is a fundamental protocol that is used by the World Wide Web for viewing website content on the internet. HTTP allows us to browse the internet and navigate to our favourite websites. HTTP was not initially created with security in mind, and this meant that any information communicated between your computer[…]

Virtual Private Network Graphic

What are Virtual Private Networks and how do they work?

A Virtual private network (VPN) is a piece of software that allows you to access the internet privately, acting as a tunnel between you and your destination, enabling users to send and receive data securely across the internet. Much like having a firewall on your network to protect your computer, a VPN will secure your[…]

Cyber Security Services

What do Cyber Security companies do?

Cyber Security is a very large field with many specialities. With a drastic increase in the number of companies experiencing a data breach or cyber incident, the need for Cyber Security services could not be greater. This article will touch on some of the core services that Cyber Security companies offer, and how they are[…]


Where to Start Cyber Security Training

Cyber security consists of processes and technologies designed to protect systems, networks, people and data from cyber attacks. In the UK, whether at home or at work, the majority of us are reliant on digital communication and online services, and this can result in an exposure to cyber security risks. Although the impact of cybercrime[…]

Cyber Security

The Evolution of Cyber Security

Cyber Security has not always been a high priority among businesses. However, with the growing threat and proven damage showing among high profile companies and services like TalkTalk, Equifax, Yahoo and even the NHS has shone light on how Cyber Security should be taken very seriously. Businesses, regardless of their size, are now catching on[…]