WhatsApp Fraud

Over the past couple of months, a newly created tool has been developed and used by malicious actors to exploit a recently discovered WhatsApp vulnerability. Successful exploitation of this vulnerability allows the malicious actor to manipulate quotes and images WhatsApp to say whatever they desire and even attribute them to a completely different user. This[…]

Protecting your digital footprint

Your digital footprint is becoming significantly more prevalent in recent years. With a combination of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, forums and more, it is now easier than ever to build a portfolio of an individual. Your information is used to register for every online service imaginable. This information, while valuable, can be reasonably intrusive depending on[…]

Social Engineering pt. 1

Social Engineering is a term used to describe the process of socially manipulating someone into providing information or access to a variety of physical and digital assets. There are a variety of techniques that can be leveraged to be able to successfully perform social engineering. This article is broken into two parts, with the first[…]

Cyber Risk for businesses

NTT Security have posted their Risk:Value 2019 report to update on Cyber Security progression within business. The report is filled with surprising and insightful statistics that can help those interested in Cyber Security gain a better understanding of the state that businesses are currently in. For a long time, many businesses and individuals have been[…]


A firewall blocks network communication by looking at the address and protocol information contained within the packets. As the packet arrives at the firewall, the address and protocol information are checked against the rules programmed into the firewall. These rules can either be supplied by the vendor or created by the administrator. If there is[…]