Botnets, Credential Stuffing and mitigation

Dark_Nexus Botnet BitDefender researchers have recently identified a new botnet, dubbed “dark_nexus”. This botnet is similar to the Mirai botnet from back in 2016, but instead targets IoT devices to perform distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks. This botnet grows primarily by using credentials stuffing attacks against different types of devices such as routers, video[…]

Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity

Confidentiality, availability and integrity, known as the CIA triad, are considered the most crucial parts of security. Confidentiality – is the assurance the information is not disclosed to unauthorised individuals, processes or devices while making sure authorised personnel can. The confidentiality of data can be adhered to by utilising strong complex passwords, two-factor authentication and[…]

Event logs

Event logs are detailed records containing information relating to what occurred on the device. A log entry is created for every event and application notification on a device within the network and are often categorised with a severity level ranging from information through to critical. Windows event logs can be utilised by the network administrators[…]

Utility Programs

A utility program is usually smaller than a standard application and refers to a program that is responsible for managing system resources and adding functionality to your computer. This can include screen savers, icon tools and other desktop enhancement features. A privileges utility program is an application that requires elevated (administrative) privileges to perform the[…]


A policy contains numerous ideas or a plan of what should be done in certain situations. Businesses generally have policies relating to HR and finance but are lacking in security policies. An information security policy is used to describe a set of rules, inclusive of allowed and disallowed behaviour for its information systems and assets[…]