What is Cyber Essentials & What are the Benefits?

We would recommend that all SMEs to be certified with Cyber Essentials. At CYBX, we ensure that your business has met all requirements to have a smooth application for Cyber Essentials. We will work with you to ensure all criteria is met, and then submit the answers for review by a certification body. Afterwards a review (usually within 48 hours), your business will be officially Cyber Essentials certified, which provides benefits mentioned below. 

Businesses with Cyber Essentials show that they have made efforts to meet a decent security standard, which will put customers/clients at ease as well as reduce the chance of data breaches. Additionally, government contracts require businesses to have an in date Cyber Essentials certificate; and so, for businesses looking to get government contracts, Cyber Essentials is a must have! 

Common criteria for businesses becoming certified include:  

  • Are firewalls correctly set up between your network and the internet? 
  • Do remote workers access the internal network through a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? 
  • Do you set any and all passwords to a complex standard, especially changing default passwords provided with devices such as internet routers? 
  • Are Operating Systems, other software, and internet browsers updated to the latest version?  
  • Has MFA/2FV been activate wherever possible? 

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