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Attack Library: Malware

Malware, also known as malicious software is an umbrella term that encompasses any malicious program or file that attempts to harm your computer, often by taking partial control over a device’s operation. There are a number of different types of malware, and these can be explained individually in more thorough detail. The first of these[…]


Password Security

Passwords are currently the most common authentication method used online today. While biometric alternatives are slowly gaining popularity, this is still not enough to replace passwords entirely. The primary objective of hackers is to try and retrieve your login credentials by using various password attacks. The first of these attacks is a brute force attack[…]


Attack Library: Phishing Attacks

This week the Attack Library mini-series will focus phishing e-mails, a social engineering attack that many people encounter on a day to day basis. This blog will detail what common phishing e-mails contain, and how to deal with this form of attack. Phishing attacks are used to obtain information such as usernames, passwords, credit card[…]

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Introducing the Smart-Jacket

With smartwatches becoming increasingly common in today’s world, Google have teamed up with Levi to bring the latest in wearable tech. The Jacquard commuter smart-jacket is the next revolution in hands free technology and designed for every-day commuters. The smart-jacket features an interactive sleeve on the left side of the jacket, controlled by a small[…]