reCAPTCHA phishing attack

A large scale phishing attack campaign has been utilising a fake Google reCAPTCHA system to attempt to steal Microsoft 365 credentials. Google reCAPTCHA is one of their services designed to help protect websites from bots that spam and try to gain information. The system uses a Turing test to tell if the person is human[…]


Subway Hacked

A few weeks ago, customers of one the UK’s top fast-food brands, Subway, took to social media to complain about suspicious emails they have been receiving from them. Users have stated they have received an email from the fast-food chain which claims to be an order confirmation email. Links within these emails have been reported[…]

Amazon Prime Day

Security experts are warning shoppers that there may be a high spike of phishing activity to capitalize on the Amazon Prime Day promotions. Amazon Prime Day is the biggest promotional event of the year for the e-commerce giant. It is larger than Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined in terms of money spent. This, however[…]