Job Scams

Job scams have seen a 300% rise in the last two years according to ActionFraud. This has resulted in over 700,000 jobseekers losing upwards of £500,000 through these scams.

These job scams are being carried out by scammers creating fake job advertisements and web pages where they aim to steal personal information and money. Unfortunately, university students have been hard hit by these scams as they apply for multiple jobs just as part time workers to earn extra cash to support them through their studies.

So what do these scams look like? As mentioned above, fake job advert websites are the most popular as a scammer can create a phishing website that can gather information and collect payment from forms. Another common scam is fake phone interviews; this is where the scammer sends a text or leaves a voicemail for an individual to call them back for their interview, however this number would cost them an increased rate to call which would go straight to the scammers wallet.

So how can you spot these scams? As with all fake webpages, emails, and texts you should look for spelling mistakes and poor design. Also look out for the email address or domain, if it is not what you are expecting do not trust it. If you get an email that is offering you a job before going through any processes previously then it is too good to be true! The same goes for job adverts where it says experience is not needed, these will usually be fake so that they can get as many people apply as possible to collect information or money. Be wary of unexpected messages from recruiters on social media such as LinkedIn because scammers often pose as a legitimate recruiter using fake profiles.

A few tips to follow to lower the risks of falling victim to the above scams are:

* Do not pay any money upfront for checks or admin fees to recruiters or companies

* For phone interviews make sure that they phone you

* Don’t share personal details until you have met face to face

* Limit your personal information that is visible on social media