Our top 10 cyber tips

As cyber threats are ever increasing in complexity, intensity and frequency, we have compiled below our top 10 tips that every business can follow to help improve your cyber resilience.

  1. Passwords should be different for each account in order to avoid one cracked password compromising all accounts. Consider using a password management programme such as Lastpass.
  2. Passwords should be at least 12 characters long, they should include upper and lowercase characters and they should include numbers as well as special characters.
  3.  Always be cautious of phishing emails. Look out for fake email addresses and bad spelling or grammar, these are usually the main giveaways.
  4. Be sure to have backups of your data and systems (ideally in the cloud). Know how to use them. Test that they work.
  5. Make sure your supply chain is as safe as your business is. Cyber Essentials certification is a good indication of this.
  6. Physical security is just as important as cyber security. Make sure office equipment such as servers, laptops and computers are behind locked doors.
  7. Make sure your data is encrypted. Include encryption software on work devices so if they are ever stolen the data would be unreadable.
  8. Implement policies across your business to ensure your staff know how to create a good password and browse the internet safety.
  9. Make sure VPN’s are enabled on all staff devices so that internet usage and data transmission is more secure.
  10. Ensure all your employees know the importance of constantly maintaining cyber security best practice and have a set of clearly defined rules to follow.

If you would like to get help with understanding or implementing these tips please do get in contact with the CYBX team here.