November 20, 2018

Penetration Testing

The CYBX team consists of certified penetration testers and cyber security analysts. They will conduct penetration testing on your network security and simulate the same methodology a real hacker would use but safely and responsibly. You can rest assured that your business’s security is dealt with professionally, intricately, and specialised. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us or request a quote.  

The Value of Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Tests help IT managers and Information Security officers in your business who want to gain objective and detailed insight into their organisation's vulnerabilities. The CYBX team do this by testing your mobile applications, websites, or infrastructure and documenting, in detail, vulnerabilities and suggestions about how to fix them and your priorities. Unlike your IT provider, we can professionally test and find vulnerabilities instead of passively monitoring your organisation’s security. 

Did you know, as of March 2023 the largest data breach has occurred and compromised more than 14 million records. Some of the most affected industries include healthcare, education and technology! - IT Governance

Penetration Testing benefits to your business

  • Have a better understanding of weaknesses in your websites, applications or infrastructure
  • Receive thorough remediation advice of how you can best approach addressing security risks
  • Meet compliance with your standards – PCI DSS, ISO27001
  • Fixes vulnerabilities before they are exploited by attackers
  • Provides independent assurance of your businesses security
  • Improves awareness of cyber risks in your business
  • Demonstrates a commitment to security to your customers

Qualified Security Experts

Our penetration testers are independently qualified by the
industry-recognised body CREST.


What is Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the method of simulating a real-world cyber-attack on either infrastructure or application. This test is strongly advised, even compulsory in some cases, as part of many security-related standards such as PCI-DSS or ISO27001. The main objective of a penetration test is to gain assurance that your systems are secured appropriately, and that these systems will hold up against an attacker.

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