Securing your Email Accounts

We have reached a point in time where your digital security is of utmost importance. Your personal bills, your banking, your social interactions, identification, hobbies and much more is almost all funnelled through the internet, and your email is the vault for every service you use.Securing your email accounts needs to be a priority.

Your email is the central location where you register for all your online services. Not only this, but your email is also the recovery method used by most online services to reset your login credentials. Forgotten your password? You can have a reset password link sent directly to your inbox so you can access your account again. Email is, and has been, the single most important management service you use on the internet. However, according to a recent statistic released by Google, less than 10% of their users have Two-Factor Authentication enabled on their account.

Two-Factor Authentication is designed to provide you with an additional authentication method alongside your username and password. When logging into Google Mail for example, users must provide their email address, their password, and third method of authentication. This third method can be a variety of things. The Google support page explains that their users can opt for either a prompt on your phone, or even a text message or phone call.

With the number of security breaches happening in recent years, it is more important than ever to ensure your accounts are as protected as possible. We strongly recommend enabling Two-Factor Authentication to better protect your online services. If you cannot enable it on everything, then your email should be the one service that receives special attention. With Two-Factor Authentication enabled, it makes it significantly more difficult for an attacker to gain access to your account, even with the correct credentials, therefore securing your email accounts.