Up your social media efficiency

Social media can often be very difficult to manage due to work commitments and a busy home life. By using a social media management tool, it will enable you to post easier and quicker to your selected social media platform.
Hootsuite is just one of many social media management systems. One clear benefit is that it allows you to post to more than one social media account at once. This is great if you want to post the same item to numerous social media accounts. You can simply click a ‘tick button’ for the selected social media accounts. It will automatically post to these accounts.
If you need to communicate a message at a specific time, but know you won’t be able to, you can schedule your tweets using Hootsuite. Access this feature by clicking on the calendar icon below your post. Choose the time and date you would like to post the item. Other social media platforms also allow scheduling.
Finally, social media management systems are very much organised and allow you to view notifications, news feeds, or even selected search terms, all in one screen. If you want to view all posts containing a selected word, that is relevant to your business, you can do this by setting up a ‘stream’ which will constantly update when people have posted using the keyword. This is useful as if you have chosen to use your company name as the selected word, you will be able to see if anyone has used your company in a sentence. You can keep up-to-date about what is being said about your business. Vital to your PR process. If your word is a product or service you offer, it will also highlight when there is a solution you could potentially help with. This gives you the possibilities of new sales.
My recommendation for social media management tools would be to look at Hootsuite, TweetDeck or SocialPilot.
Using these social media tools ultimately saves you time which you can use to your advantage.