Social Media

Up your social media efficiency

Social media can often be very difficult to manage due to work commitments and a busy home life. By using a social media management tool, it will enable you to post easier and quicker to your selected social media platform. Hootsuite is just one of many social media management systems. One clear benefit is that[…]



Apple’s iOS 14 is soon to launch for the new iPhone. It is a momentous leap in privacy, but Facebook has confirmed it could be their worst nightmare. It’s September, which means the new iPhone and the all new iOS14 is imminent. But its seemingly not all good news for social media giants such as[…]

Protecting your digital footprint

Your digital footprint is becoming significantly more prevalent in recent years. With a combination of Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, forums and more, it is now easier than ever to build a portfolio of an individual. Your information is used to register for every online service imaginable. This information, while valuable, can be reasonably intrusive depending on[…]