A firewall blocks network communication by looking at the address and protocol information contained within the packets. As the packet arrives at the firewall, the address and protocol information are checked against the rules programmed into the firewall. These rules can either be supplied by the vendor or created by the administrator. If there is[…]

Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is a service developed with the intention of allowing interconnection of devices within a network. Active Directory offers management capabilities from a centralised location, and stores information about members of the domain including the users, access rights, digital assets and much more. Group Policy (GP) is a separate utility that is available[…]


Securing your Email Accounts

We have reached a point in time where your digital security is of utmost importance. Your personal bills, your banking, your social interactions, identification, hobbies and much more is almost all funnelled through the internet, and your email is the vault for every service you use.Securing your email accounts needs to be a priority. Your[…]

Types of Anti-Virus

In this blog we will be discussing the two main types of anti-virus software that are available on the market. Signature based anti-virus software will examine the file to create a signature. When a scan is performed this will compare the malware signature against a list of known malicious files, included within the anti-virus software’s[…]