EA Hacked

Electronic Arts (EA) have fallen victim to a cyber attack where they have had valuable information stolen. The large games publisher are one of the biggest in the industry creating  some of the largest games franchises such as The Sims, Titanfall, Star Wars Battlefield and FIFA which are respectively played y million around the world.[…]


Security Attacks on COVID-19 research facilities

We’re seeing a substantial increase in the number of attacks against the COVID-19 supply chain, with a significant focus placed on those producing vaccines. A recent report by the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) provides advisories on identifying and mitigating the attack vectors used to compromise systems for data exfiltration. Investigation by NCSC and[…]

SQL Injection Attacks

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a programming language that is used to communicate with databases, it can perform numerous tasks such as removing, adding and deleting information within the database by using the relevant SQL commands. SQL Injection is a common type of attack that allows malicious actors use to execute malicious SQL statements that[…]


Pharming attacks

Pharming is essentially a phishing scam that can infect numerous users simultaneous by redirecting them from a legitimate website to a fake site. The fake website can be used to install virus’s or trojans on the user’s computer to obtain personal information such as bank account details which could be utilised for identity theft. Pharming[…]

Cyber Security

The Evolution of Cyber Security

Cyber Security has not always been a high priority among businesses. However, with the growing threat and proven damage showing among high profile companies and services like TalkTalk, Equifax, Yahoo and even the NHS has shone light on how Cyber Security should be taken very seriously. Businesses, regardless of their size, are now catching on[…]

University Student

Iranian Attack on Universities

A US-based Information Security company, Secureworks, has identified attacks originating from Iran targeting over 300 Universities including those based in the United Kingdom, Australia and the US. The attack on universities was harvesting credentials by posting a fake website that then redirected to a legitimate page. Victims that entered their normal login credentials into the[…]