Police Take Down Emotet Hacking Network

Police forces from UK, USA, EU, and Canada have worked together to finally take down one of the most dangerous hacking networks known as Emotet. Emotet obtain access illegally to victim’s devices via malicious email attachments and then sell to criminal organisations who then install further, more dangerous malware. Europol have commented saying that it[…]

Penetration testing

The purpose of penetration testing

Penetration testing is the method of simulating a real-world cyber-attack on either infrastructure, an application or sometimes even on your staff. This test is strongly advised, even compulsory in some cases, as part of many security-related standards such as PCI-DSS or ISO27001. The main objective of a penetration test is to gain assurance that your[…]

University Student

Iranian Attack on Universities

A US-based Information Security company, Secureworks, has identified attacks originating from Iran targeting over 300 Universities including those based in the United Kingdom, Australia and the US. The attack on universities was harvesting credentials by posting a fake website that then redirected to a legitimate page. Victims that entered their normal login credentials into the[…]